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Publication by leading orangutan scientists and Pongo members opens new chapter in speech evolution, December 2008
To read more, click here, and to read publication, click here.

Tax-deductable donations to Pongo Foundation, November 2008
Dutch citizens may from now on support orangutan conservation and research and deduce their taxes with the use of the ANBI stamp label. To see details, click here.

Acehnese socio-political situation and orangutan conservation and research efforts in the new year, October 2008
With presidential and parlimental elections during 2009 in Indonesia and the humanitarian tzunami help fading out in Aceh, foreign scientists are unauthorized by Jakarta to enter the region due to security matters. To read article, click here.

1º Prize Best Student Award for members of the Pongo Foundation at IPS, Scotland, August 2008
Following a poster presentation with the newest research results on wild orangutans, Pongo members are recognized at Edinburgh in one of the biggest and most prestigious conferences in primatology. To read poster, click here.

Pongo Foundation refered by Danish Journalist, August 2008
Thomas Soendergaard, part of the Danish team of journalists covering the last Climate Conference in Bali (December 2007, see side link), publishes online an orangutan piece after visiting Ketambe Research Station. To see clip, click here.

Promotion of Acehnese tribal art is a success, July 2008
As a result of an initiative concerning Gayo and Alas traditions by Pongo Foundation (see below), items purchased locally are sold out in the Netherlands, raising money for future initiatives.

Pongo Foundation at GATI, USA, May 2008
Received by invitation at the Great Ape Trust of Iowa, Pongo Foundation members present their newest research results to an audience comprising leading scientists in orangutan conservation and welfare. To read article, click here.

Interview at Dutch Regional TV Station, May 2008
After spending nearly two years in the Indonesian rain forests, Madeleine Hardus, Pongo Foundation's Treasurer, presents her project and work with orangutans together with personal footages. To see clip, click here (in dutch).

Pongo Foundation activities in Danish Media, April 2008
After receiving Danish journalism group UPDATE (December 2007, see side link), an article about the activities of Pongo Foundation is published online in Denmark. To read article, click here (in Danish).

Local Education Project at Primary School of Balai Lutu, Indonesia, February 2008
Pongo Foundation inaugurates project, providing education and sport material to the children living close by the National Park. To read more and see photo gallery, click here.

Promotion of traditional embroidery and weaving in Central Aceh, January 2008
By purchasing products from the Gayo and Alas tribes and exposing these items in Europe, Pongo Foundation wants to stimulate traditional arts. To read more and see photo gallery, click here.

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