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Pongo Foundation donates veterinary equipment to quarantine center for confiscated orangutans in Sumatra, November 2009
To read more, click here.

Pongo Foundation together with the local Sumatran NGO, OIC, prints 10.000 children books about the orangutan, October 2009
The book contains information about how orangutans live in the forest and how they live when taken away from the forest. To be given at elementary schools in the Medan area in Sumatra. To see book sample, click here (low quality .pdf).

Pongo info-stand at the Kralingen Botanical Gardens in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, September 2009
The foundation provided information and promotional material about orangutans, mostly by involving children in drawing, during a day dedicated to Indonesia, in these centenary gardens. To see some drawings, click here.

New findings by Pongo members on orangutans communicative behaviour published in highly reputated scientific journal, August 2009
The orangutan plays mind tricks on potential predators, such as leopards, by holding leaves to its lips as it makes a warning call, which lowers the pitch. As larger animals tend to have deeper voices, this makes the apes sound bigger than they are. To read more, click here.

Pongo info-stand at "Man and Animal's Day", the Netherlands, July 2009
In one of the most emblematic Dutch Natural Parks, the foundation promoted the orangutan cause via information divulgation and childrens' drawings. To read article and see photo-gallery, click here.

Pongo Foundation helps rescuing an orangutan in North Sumatra, June 2009
After farmers informed the foundation about the situation of "Kiss-kiss", living as a pet in a private house, this young male orangutan is now in quarantine and will one day be released back into the forest. To see a picture of Kiss-kiss, click here.

Library-bus visits Acehnese villages in the last Sumatran orangutans' strong-hold, May 2009

Pongo Foundation commissioned a mobile educational unit (from the local NGO Orangutan Information Center) to provide books to children and villagers during two weeks, from novels to conservation manuals. To read article and see photo-gallery, click here.

Gift collected by Dutch volunteers and Pongo Foundation provides food and fruit to the orangutans at Batumbelin Quarantine Center, April 2009
With this help, the orangutans under the care of this center received for several weeks extra food supplies and special fruits, otherwise not present in their diet. To read article and see photo-gallery, click here.

Educational campaign "Orangutans are the Pride of our Village," February 2009
Inspired by the work of the artist, scientific illustrator and conservationist Stephen Nash (read article), the Pongo Foundation started its first educational campaign in small villages located within orangutan range in Sumatra. To see poster, click here.

Open day at Helicon Professional School, Velp, the Netherlands, January 2009
Pongo Foundation participated in the inauguration of the new study direction "Eco and Wildlife" at this professional school, providing information on the threats to orangutans and ecological situation of South-East Asian forests. To visit this school's web page, click here.

Release of orangutan book by Oxford University Press, January 2009
The book "Orangutans, Geographic Variation in Behavioral Ecology and Conservation" is now available to the public, providing the latest findings on several aspects of the behaviour and conservation of the most endangered great ape, among which feature some of the studies' results by Pongo members. To know more, click here.

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