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Higher education to Indonesian student, November 2010
Pongo Foundation covered university yearly fees and provided an allowance to Misdi, a former local assistant at the Ketambe research station who wished to proceed his studies in Forestry and Biology Education at the STIK University in Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

Education to tourists, follow Sabrina in Sumatra, August 2010
Sabrina Reinders, Volunteer Coordinator of Pongo Foundation, will provide tourists information at Bukit Lawang on correct forest conduct for orangutan sighting, during the month of August. While eco-tourism has been invoked as a modern tool for conciliating infrastructure and economic development with the conservation of local natural resources, its inappropriate practice by uninstructed guides and misinformed tourists has created serious problems to the welfare of wild and semi-wild orangutan in Bukit Lawang forest. By instructing tourists in a brief and useful way before the start of their visit, we will try to minimize human impact in this red ape population but maximize the unique experience of tourists during their stay in this village. This initiative will be implemented in collaboration with the OIC (Orangutan Information Center). To follow Sabrina Reinders during her work in Sumatra, please visit, pongosabrina.waarbenjij.nu (in Dutch).

Puppet show "Theatre in the Forest" in three Sumatran villages was a great success, July 2010
To read more, click here.

Pongo Congress Award attributed to outstanding Indonesian Conservationist, May 2010
Panut Hadisiswoyo will attend, with this support, to the XXIII Congress of the International Primatological Society in Kyoto (September 2010), Japan. Together with colleagues, they will give a presentation focusing on the (positive and negative) effects of wildlife tourism on a wild and semi-wild orangutan population in Bukit Lawang, Indonesia.

First Pongo TV Spot produced by Pecto Productions, April 2010.
The TV Spot is composed of authentic wild footage filmed by Madeleine Hardus and can be viewed on YouTube.

Pongo Foundation starts fundraising for the campaign "Theatre in the Forest", March 2010.

Orangutan study by Pongo members is classified in the Top 100 discoveries of 2009, January 2010.
The publication of the newest data on orangutan communicative abilities in the wild (New & Events, August 2009) is considered in the 58th position among the ideas and breakthroughs that are reshaping our understanding of the world. To read more click here.

Pongo Foundation formally created the Pongo Congress Award for Indonesian individuals, January 2010.
With this award the foundation is committed in providing Indonesian students, researchers and conservationists with the opportunity to exchange expertise with international scientists, stimulating the quality of their work to meet international and scientific standards. To see application process, click here.

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